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40 Before 40 – Update

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So those that know me know I like lists. Like I reeeeeally like lists. I like them the way people like Netflix. I pursue them the way some people scroll Instagram. I read and reread and order and reorder them. Honestly, I don’t know how people function without them.

My brain simply can’t hold all the stuff I need/want/probably shouldn’t do.

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 3.21.03 PM.png

(Note: In finding this image I went down a rabbit hole called “Exploding Brain Syndrome”. This is a thing.)

Arguably the mother of all lists is the BUCKET LIST. Like Google, it has even been “verbed.” But a bucket list is a problem for me because it indicates a plan to do things someday, preferably before you die. And who knows when that is, right?

So to create urgency in my life (because I obviously need more of that) I created a 40 Before 40 – The Mid-Age Bucket List! And I’m happy to report, it has given me a run for my money. I think about it a lot. A LOT. I frame vacations around it. And you’re more likely to get me to come socialize if it involves a 40-b4-40 item. It goes like this…

Friend “Wanna go to a movie?”

Me “I would but I’m already in my pajamas”


Friend “Wanna go to a trampoline gym?

Me “It’s 8am. On a Saturday. Buuuut… that’s on my 40-b4-40. Let me get my coat.”


It’s safe to say, the people in my life are tired of hearing about it. But you’re not, are you?!

So 2020 has 20 things left! Kitschy right?

  1. Publish book – Come hell or high water
  2. Sing karaoke – IN PUBLIC
  3. See the Northern Lights – Iceland. Boom
  4. Do the splits
  5. Take Scottish dancing class – Seems random but I am Scottish, did Scottish dancing as a teenager (see how cool I was?) and am thoroughly obsessed with all things Scottish.
  6. Do 10 pull-ups
  7. Take a painting class
  8. Take a hip-hop/dance class – Maybe improve my Elaine-from-Seinfield moves. Maybe not.
  9. Go tent camping
  10. Take a pottery class
  11. Buy a Motorhome – Her name is Nimble Ginsen
  12. Motorhome across the country Went halfway and I’m calling it.
  13. Go to a horse ranch
  14. Organize/print digital photos – Honestly, this may be the hardest thing on this list.
  15. Go whale watching
  16. Go to Iceland
  17. Try aerial yoga
  18. Try acro yoga
  19. Ride a skateboard – Friends are trying to talk me out of this due to potential physical injury to my middle-aged body.
  20. Learn to skididn’t die
  21. Meet Tim Ferriss – Tim, if you’re out there, I’m a total fangirl and will likely have nothing intelligent to say due to nervous paralyzation.
  22. Do a handstand
  23. Get back to my college fluency in Spanish
  24. Remodel our home office
  25. Go rock climbing – Indoor is ok. I’m not a snob or anything.
  26. Learn how to swim strokes – like real swimming, not bobbing and flapping
  27. Play the ukulele
  28. Go to a poetry reading
  29. Read the Harry Potter books
  30. Organize travel memorabilia – 
  31. Burn music to hard drive
  32. Teach my kids to play chess
  33. Teach my son to read
  34. Go to a trampoline gym
  35. Be vegan for a week
  36. Make a good (thai) curry
  37. Make a scrapbook for my husband’s last birthday – I’m such a giver.
  38. Take self-defense class
  39. Get laser hair removal
  40. Ride a jet ski


(TBH, I’ve never done the splits. I don’t even know if my body bends that way.)

P.S. Anyone out there doing this?

P.P.S. Still looking for the Tim Ferriss shout out. Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.02.35 PM

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