Kelly Flowers


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Despite its name*, I have begun to populate my new Instagram @Minstralgram with kitschy blurbs that are small enough to put on an Instagram feed. Only the nibs, which are not always my favorite stuff. But no one’s going to read a poem on Instagram that requires more than 10 seconds. Except me. I would definitely spend my days reading poetry on a never-ending feed. No doubt.

*My husband has brought to my attention the fact that my insta handle @Minstralgram sounds just like “menstrual-gram”. After deliberation, I’m ok with this. The parallels are nothing if not poetic.

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Poetry For a Cloudy Saturday

I am losing

Words, whole phrases

Wiggling from the grasp of my mind

A termite eaten house

With little rotten pieces

Being carried off


All the lies, the shame

Leaving me

In frustrating peace


Come back,

It’s hardly a whisper

I was not done


Those things