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“Resolutions” Never Work

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(I started this blog a couple of days ago and then, well… you know, I put it aside. Procrastination, you old nemesis! 2017 is going to be on your a$$!)

Pre-New Year’s Eve Post

Now is a good time to eat pie. Because pretty soon, my New Year resolutions won’t allow it. After the cooking and serving and saran-wrapping, you can’t see the fridge light. And then, eating leftovers becomes a bit of a goal. Each Tupperware emptied, an accomplishment. You can see how this line of thinking gets out of hand. I am nothing if not goal-oriented, for some suuuper important things, like emptying the fridge.

Soon will NOT be the time to eat pie, it will be to deny thyself. Whether it be donuts, laziness or procrastination, the New Year is about doing what you don’t want to do (like an early morning run) and not doing what you want to do (like eat ice cream and watch Westworld until 2am). Ah, the constant battle that divides doers and, well, non-doers.

I’m ready (after I finish this piece of pie) to hit the ground running. I’ll spend the next couple of days writing what I call resolutions but are really goals. There’s an important difference. Resolutions say “do better”. Goals say “here is a step to do better”. So I don’t do resolutions. I DO goals. But I really like the word “resolution” so I still use it.

Now it’s time to flurry into action putting away my Clark Griswold Christmas because 2017 doesn’t have room for that kind of chaos!

Post-New Year’s Eve Post

2017 started in the murky light of pre-dawn with the unwelcome sound of an alarm clock. Every year I think, “Whose idea was this tradition of waking in the cold dark to greet the new year’s sun?” Oh yeah. It was mine. Doh.

Brush teeth, scramble into some clothes and stake out a spot to watch the sunrise. NBD. I used to think it was a cruel joke that we generally begin the year hungover. So drinking champagne at sunrise sounds SOOO much smarter.

At least champagne has my buzzed brain giddy about being in 40 degree weather.

Beyond my long list of “To Do This Year”, a few personal goals are…

  1. Surround myself with creativity. As I’ve aged, I’ve built this comfortable little nest. It becomes more and more of a chore to leave it and therefore I don’t put myself out there as much. My life is busy and predictable, domestic and joyful but I’ve gotten comfortable in the inertia of it. In 2017, I want to put myself in situations where I’m exposed to creativity fodder. People, places and things. I want it all.
  2. Learn Acro-yoga. Because it just looks dope. I want to contort myself into beautiful silhouettes that are tumblr worthy. Dream big. Amirite?
  3. Do a Snowboard Jump (bump). I don’t care if it’s only 4 inches. If my board leaves the earth, I’ll feel like Shaun White. Oh, and this terrifies me.
  4. Send my current novel into the universe. This is hyperbole for publishing the damn thing. This also TERRIFIES me.
  5. Start a new novel. You know, so I don’t obsess about my poor novel out there, gasping for life, in the universe.

Feel free to keep me accountable, suggest where to learn acro-yoga or send a get-well card after my snowboard jumping fiasco.

One thought on ““Resolutions” Never Work

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